Creative Development Through the Arts

Experiences in Art and Music are a vital part of our program. Creative expression is as important in conveying ideas and feelings as verbal expression, and children are naturally equipped with the ability to use these “languages” successfully and joyfully. Through engagement in the arts, children not only begin to develop and refine their natural artistic abilities, but also enhance their development in math, science and literacy as well. Participation in art and music encourages children to make decisions, explore cause and effect, generate creative solutions and take pride in their work.

When children explore Music, they:
When children explore Visual Arts, they:
  • Experience the joy of music through singing, dancing, playing, and moving
  • Listen and respond to music; learn the beat of songs and imitate rhythm
  • Learn basic music concepts; fast, slow, high, low, etc.
  • Write their own songs
  • Participate in dance games to become aware of their bodies in space
  • Hear and play a variety of types of music
  • Explore a variety of ways to make music


  • Explore a variety of art media and materials
  • Learn to use tools with increased complexity to make two and three dimensional art
  • Learn to express thoughts and ideas through visual art
  • Make representational images and express thoughts and/or tell stories about original creations
  • Experiment with the elements of art: color, line, shape, texture, etc.


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