The faculty at Highland Presbyterian Church Nursery and Weekday School is made up of a talented and nurturing group of dedicated early childhood educators. Each classroom has two Co-Teachers. Support is provided to children, parents and teachers by our Early Interventionist and a team of classroom facilitators who work side-by-side with teachers in the classrooms during the day. All faculty members collaborate to create cohesive and joyful classrooms.

In addition to classroom teachers, the school also has three teachers specializing in Art and two teachers specializing in Music who enrich the program for all students. These specialists are experienced in their areas of expertise and help children discover new ways to express themselves, new “languages” to communicate their feelings and ideas.

Our teachers are carefully selected based on experience, education, and dedication to a progressive and collaborative approach to education. We value our faculty and celebrate their individual styles. We share a common vision of maintaining a strong image of the child, focusing on each child’s competencies and capabilities. Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves, always seeking opportunities to extend their knowledge of educational philosophy and best practices, taking time to reflect on their own performance, and offering feedback to colleagues throughout the year.