Our Kindergarten Program

Welcome to the Kindergarten Program at Highland Pres.!

Highland Pres. Nursery and Weekday School offers an exceptional Kindergarten program. We believe that Kindergarten is an important transitional year for children to continue to enjoy the free exploration of childhood while also beginning to experience aspects of more formalized education. All children come to us as competent and capable learners, equipped with a body of knowledge that has accumulated since birth and skills that are continually being acquired and refined.  We use this base of knowledge in our Kindergarten to build with children an understanding of the world around them by allowing time to investigate, explore, theorize and discuss.

Throughout the year the children are involved in short- and long-term projects based on their interests and questions.  They are exposed to many different media or “languages” such as art, drama, music and movement.  These “languages” augment verbal language and become tools that broaden children’s abilities to discover, remember, explore, test their theories and express what they have learned.

This approach enhances children’s ability to learn about reading, writing, science and math, which are also an important part of our daily curriculum. By combining traditional learning with child-initiated discovery learning and problem solving, we hope to engender in children a love of learning, an excitement about the world around them, and a self-confidence that will be a foundation for continued success and growth throughout their lives.


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