Our Preschool Program


Welcome to the Preschool Program at Highland Pres. Nursery and Weekday School!

At Highland Pres. Nursery and Weekday School, we provide many opportunities for our young children to explore and examine at their own pace and based on their own developing interests. From day one, we take time to connect with children, observe and admire their capabilities, challenge them in ways that inspire them to reach for the next level of their development, and build relationships of mutual trust and compassion.  A trusting relationship between children and their teachers provides children with the security they need to explore, create, experiment and learn at school. Relationships are the basis of our curriculum.  Providing an environment for growth and making new connections includes offering rich, open-ended materials to explore and experiment with, providing opportunities for creating music and art together, playing in different environments, indoor and outdoor, and slowing down and allowing learning and development to happen in an unhurried and flexible pace.

The environment we provide for our children becomes a home away from home; a place where children and parents feel warmly welcomed, valued and respected.  Building relationships among children, their families and our teachers and staff is our curriculum and the foundation for which all other learning occurs.

We look forward to partnering with you during this exciting time of growth for your child!


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