The following dramatic play took place on December 4 during early care. Participants ranged in age from two to five years old.

Hayden said, “The meeting is we have to stay down here because there’s a big tornado. It’s OK – it may go away. What, kid?”

“The next teacher is you, Elizabeth.”

“Class, you know how yesterday was a tornado? Well, today it’s an earthquake,” said Elizabeth.

“And a volcano!” added Hayden.

“I’m going to turn on the volcano,” said Emmet.

“Everybody on the train!” Elizabeth said.

“I’m the train driver,” said Emmet.

“Every class help us pull this part to the train. Everybody pull this way!” said Elizabeth.

“Build really fast! The volcano’s exploding! We’re going to the North Pole!” yelled Eliza.

Hayden said, “Some of those balls are food and some are volcanoes.”

Liam arrived and said, “I thought you were on the Pilgrim Ship – the Mayflower!”

“This is the tracker,” Hayden announced. “It shows us where we’re going.” “That’s a great idea, Hayden!” said Liam.

Eliza announced, “We have to drive to the North Pole now because the volcano is going to explode!”

Liam called out, “All the people need to get on. All aboard! I’m the conductor. This is my red flag and this is my green flag. Stop the train!”

“We’re right here! We’re close!” said Hayden.

“Everybody eat! We’re so far!” said Eliza.

“No, we can’t eat yet. No eating on the train,” said Emmet.


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