Hi Ho Nuggets of News, 9-18-16

Hello Hi Ho Families,
We hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Here’s what’s happening at school this week:

YOUR Kids’ Consignment Sale is Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 22-24. We still have LOTS of volunteer slots to fill—have YOU signed up for one yet? It’s a great way to meet other parents and enjoy the festive and fun atmosphere of the sale! Click here to link to the sign-up sheet. We need ALL hands on deck! Have other questions about the sale? Ask us or find all the information you need at this site: http://www.kidssale.org/ Plan to participate NOW!

Kindergarten Long Day THURSDAY, 9/22
All Kindergartners will stay for a FULL day, 8:45-2:45 and enjoy a field trip to Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. Kindergarten children should be dressed for hiking and should bring a lunch!

EXTENDED PLAY Registration for October DUE THURSDAY, 9/22
The form to register for October Extended Play is attached to this note and can be found on the website HERE. Thursday, 9/22 is the deadline to return it to ensure that your child is registered for the dates you want at the lowest rate. Also, be sure to write your child’s first and last name on any forms you turn into the office.

We hope ALL of you are checking your child’s weekly classroom news on Shutterfly. Teachers post newsletters and pictures there each week so you and your child may enjoy looking at and discussing their time at school. Need a link to your class’ Shutterfly page? You may access these through our website HERE. The password to all Parent Pages is HPCnws1617* Check it out!


–OPEN HOUSE, 9/28, 5:30-6:30 Plan to drop by and have your child show you what s/he has been doing at school these past few weeks. All are welcome to attend!
–NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, 9/30—IN-SERVICE DAY!! Mark your calendars!

Have a wonderful week! Let us know if you have any questions: 456-6991.
Amy and Ann

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Hi Ho Nuggets of News, 9/11/16

Hello Families,

Here are some juicy tidbits to chew on!  We hope you’ll find them tasty!

Ann and Amy

Board Meeting this WEDNESDAY, Sept. 14
The NWS Board wants to hear your ideas and concerns.  If you have anything for the Board Members to consider or feedback from the first weeks of school, you’re always welcome to contact one of them.  They are listed in the Parent Handbook.  You have a hard copy OR you can find a copy on the HPC-NWS Families page on the website.  Here is a link:  http://www.hpcweekdayschool.org/parent-handbook-class-lists/  If you’ve not saved the password it is HPCnws1617*
EXTENDED PLAY Registration for October
The form to register for October Extended Play is attached to this note and can be found on the website.  Please be mindful of the deadline as we observe it strictly.  It’s always safest to return it soon to guarantee the initial rate and that space will be available.  Here’s a link:  http://www.hpcweekdayschool.org/school-pages/parents-corner/parent-forms/
SPEECH Screenings continue
If you failed to return a screening form and would like your child to be screened, there is still time as Mary Jane Baker didn’t get finished with all the classes.  You can attach the form to your child’s bag.
It’s time to get serious about YOUR upcoming Kids’ Consignment Sale which will be held Sept. 22-24.   We need ALL hands on deck to help with set up (fun), staffing the sale (fun), and take-down (fun)!  We also need LOTS of consignors, which is both fun and profitable!  You will find all the information you need at this site:  http://www.kidssale.org/   The little tabs at the top of the page will link you to volunteer and consignor info.  Plan to participate NOW!
BIG WHEELS – Saturday, Sept. 17 – Fun event for the whole family!
This is a Fellowship opportunity for all children and families sponsored by Highland Pres. Church Children’s Ministry! All Nursery and Weekday Families are cordially invited to attend. We’ll be in the church parking lot from 3:00-5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 22nd. The parking lot will be roped off so that kids (and adults) can bring bikes, roller blades, wagons, scooters, and anything with wheels to roll around the parking lot! We’ll have snacks and chalk available for more fun. Bring your “soccer parent” chairs!
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Hi Ho Nuggets of News, 9/6/16

Hi Families,

We certainly hope you’re enjoying this glorious weekend!  We look forward to seeing everyone when it’s your child’s next turn to play – Tuesday or Wednesday! Please note the items below!

Ann and Amy

  •  We finally got all the door codes sent to Sonitrol and they should be active on Tuesday.
  • To enter the building, enter your 4-digit code and then the # sign.  You should see a green light in the top right corner. Typically there are a few glitches the first week, so let us know if you have trouble.
  • If you didn’t give us a code, we assigned you one.  Pop into the office and we will give it to you.
  • If you someone else picks your child up from school, please give them your code, so they don’t have to wait for access to the building.
Children in Threes classes and older will be screened either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday IF we receive a signed consent form.  Forms were sent home last week, but there are more available in the office.
Looking for another copy of a form we sent home? Need to access an up-to-date Class List? Deleted the “Hi Ho Nuggets of News” and need to read it again? Looking for a link to your child’s class Shutterfly site? All this and more can be found on our website, www.hpcweekdayschool.org. Be sure to look under “School Pages” for the weekly “Nuggets” and parents-only information. To access this, you’ll need the password: HPCnws1617*  Let us know if you have any trouble!
Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. we will meet in the Music Room with teacher, Erika Nygard to hear about how the class is going and learn more about the components of our curriculum.
It’s time to gear up for the “SALE!”  Please help by . . .

  • Joining the leadership team! Give Katie Theobald a ring. (377-2739)
  • Volunteering the week of the Sale. (Sept. 19-14)
  • Consigning your gently used clothing, toys and equipment.
  • Shopping and bringing your friends and relations!

Visit the website: www.kidssale.org for more information!


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Hi Ho Nuggets of News, 8-29-16

Dear Hi Ho Families,

The floors are polished, the bookshelves are full of books, the paintbrushes are ready and the blocks are full of possibilities. That can mean only one thing…we are finally ready to receive a building-full of wonderful children and get this school year underway! Are you as excited as we are?   We hope so!  Meanwhile, here are a few nuggets for your attention:

We would like to offer huge thanks to those of you who were able to come by school last week to visit with the teachers, see the classrooms and attend our Parent Orientation last Thursday evening. If you were unable to attend these opportunities, please check your child’s tote bag for your Handbook and any other pertinent papers that were handed out at those meetings. Once you review the Handbook (delicious reading!), please let us know if you have questions.

NOTE:  Before you leave the premises we must have your child’s 2 green emergency contact cards on file in our office. If you have not turned them in, please bring them on your child’s first day.

  • On your child’s first day, please park and walk your child to his/her classroom–No Carpool on your child’s first day. (If your child is in the Infants, Young Toddlers or Older Toddlers, you will park and walk in every day for drop-off and pick-up; Carpool is for 2s-Kindergarten classes.
  • We WILL be running carpool tomorrow morning for the Kindergarten, so please do NOT park in front of the building or try to parallel park on Highland Ave. while we are doing carpool.
  • Carpool dismissal will begin Monday at 11:45 and will continue until there are no more cars in line. Please be prompt! If you ever miss the noon carpool,  your child will be waiting for you in the school office.
  • It will be HOT this week and the creek in our Play Park is sure to be in high demand! We suggest that you keep a towel in your car in case your child is a bit wet at carpool pickup time. Likewise, please send in a complete set of dry clothes and shoes that can get wet (rain boots/Crocs) so that we may keep your child dry and comfortable while at school
  • Early and Extended Play will begin on Tuesday, August 30. If Tuesday is your child’s first day, please arrive at 8:45 and walk your child in to his/her class–No Early Play on your child’s first day.  Extended Play dismisses from the Play Park on pretty days and from Fun Room or Classrooms if it’s raining. Please review the guidelines for Extended Play that are in the Handbook and were also included in your fall mailing.
  • Don’t forget to pop a clean cup for water in your child’s bag.  Infants and Young Toddlers may send sippy cups, all other children should send in an open lid “regular” cup for water at snack time.
COFFEE on Monday and Tuesday
Please join us in the Music Room right after drop-off on Monday and Tuesday for coffee and goodies provided by your Parent Committee. This is a great time for you to meet other parents and remain on-site if you feel that your child may need you to be close by as s/he adjusts to a new environment.
  • NO School on Monday, Sept 5–Labor Day
  • Speech Screenings Tuesday-Thursday, 9/6-8 for 3s, 4s, Kindergarten–please sign and return the permission form if you would like for your child to be screened
  • Kindergarten Parent Coffee, Tuesday, 9/6, 9:00-10:00
Please check out the Highland Presbyterian Church children’s newsletter, which is attached, to see what’s happening at HPC in the next month. Please feel welcome to join in any activities you find there!

Have a wonderful week and if you have questions, please call us at 456-6991 or email us at this address.

Amy and Ann

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Hi Ho Nuggets of News, 8-9-16

Hello Hi Ho Families!

BIG EVENTS this coming week! We hope you’ll attend . . . .


Join us Sunday, August 21 at 4:00 p.m. for a romp in our new Play Park! (Remember, we now have a creek, so dress your child accordingly. Crocs or water shoes are recommended as is bug spray!)


IF you feel it will ease your child’s transition to school, you may bring your child to visit his/her classroom before the first day. Classrooms will be open from 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Nursery children may visit Wed-Friday, Aug., 24-26.
Preschool children may visit ONLY Friday, Aug. 26.
Times for shared classrooms
M-W-F children from 9:30-10:30
T-Th-F children from 10:30-11:30
PLEASE NOTE: These visits are NOT an “Open House for the whole family and/or friends!” Rather they are a time for your child to visit the classroom, meet the other teacher and classmates, and to get a “taste” of the environment. You are encouraged to bring your child for a short while, not the whole morning. We don’t want to overwhelm sensitive children, especially those in our Nursery classes, so in order to keep the rooms less congested; we welcome just your child and one adult!

Nursery children may visit all 1, 2, or all 3 days if you feel that will help your child feel more comfortable and will ease the separation on the first day.

Preschool classrooms are only open for visitation on Friday. If you bring a Nursery child to visit on Wed or Thurs, please know that older siblings may NOT visit the other classrooms on those days as the teachers will still be setting up.


All Nursery and Preschool families are expected to attend this meeting where you’ll
meet other parents
learn about important aspects of our program
visit the classrooms, meet the teachers and learn about activities and events planned for your child’s particular group
ask all your questions
get your school handbook, curriculum guide, and other important documents.
return the forms from the packets that were mailed, if you haven’t already
purchase a new tote bag, t-shirt or sweat shirt with the Hi Ho Logo.
Unlike the “Drop-In” Days, this Orientation is open to all parents and caregivers who want to be “in the know” about Highland Pres. And, of course, there will be dessert!


The Parent Committee is hosting a school wide playdate at Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park on Thursday, August 25th at 11:30 am. Our hope is that new and returning families will come and mingle one last time before school starts. With Orientation that same night, we hope our new families will recognize some familiar faces when we all gather in the evening.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

The Parent Committee

Holler if you have questions!
Amy and Ann

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